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Our tvTray™ is the best solution for mounting your Apple TV. The revised design is now compatible with Apple TV 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations and looks equally great no matter what version you have.

Screw down the mount and slide in the Apple TV. It's that simple.

We're no stranger to designing some of the best mounting products for your Apple hardware and the tvTray is no exception.

The design of the tvTray allows you to mount your Apple TV in virtually any orientation. This flexibility means that you can tuck away the Apple TV but still make sure it's pointed towards the area where your remote is. Facing left, facing right, facing down or even upside-down, the choice is yours. If you have the 4th-generation Apple TV, then placement is irrelevant. Tuck your Apple TV out of the way and use the Siri remote from just about anywhere.
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Now Lockable!*

For those times when you need to mount your Apple TV in a location where it shouldn’t walk away, we now have a lockable design similar to the lock in our new Mini mount Clear. Just insert the Apple TV and use the screw-in lock to secure your Apple TV in place. It takes seconds and provides peace of mind.

*Compatible with the 4th generation Apple TV only.
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The look of the tvTray blends perfectly with the Apple TV. Featuring a thin, yet sturdy cast acrylic frame that's laser-cut and then hand-formed means that the mount fits like a glove.

There is a channel behind the mount that allows for routing of your audio and video cables creating a clean look.
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Features at a glance

• Strong, cast-acrylic construction
• Mounts in vertical applications (locked version any orientation)
• No ports blocked
• Multi-directional orientation for control by Apple Remote
• Channel for cables in wall-mount style
• No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal loss

Size and weight:

• Length: 4.0 inches (10 cm)
• Width: 4.1 inches (10.5 cm)
• Height: 1.6 inch (4 cm)
• Weight: 2.4 oz (70g)

Size and weight (lockable):
• Length: 4.75 inches (12.1 cm)
• Width: 4.0 inches (10.2 cm)
• Height: 2 inches (5.1 cm)
• Weight: 3.2 oz (91g)

Which version should I get?

There are now three tvTrays that support the Apple TV. For the 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV, select the TVTRAY-X in our store. For the 4th generation Apple TV, select the TVTRAY-X2 for the standard version or TVTRAY-X2-L for the lockable version.

How does the tvTray hold the Apple TV?

The tvTray cradles the Apple TV with an 1/8" piano black acrylic. A small "stop" prevents the Apple TV from slipping out. Because of the design, the Apple TV can be mounted in just about any orientation.

How can I use the remote if the Apple TV is behind my TV?

For the 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV, the Apple TV remote requires a line of sight to the Apple TV. To ensure that your Apple TV can be controlled properly, ensure there is an unobstructed view between the remote and the Apple TV itself. We've found that the Apple TV looks great when mounted just below our TVs and still allows for control from the Apple remote. In situations where this isn't a possibilty, the Apple Remote app for iOS devices is a great way to control Apple TV— even if you're not in the same room.

Are there any issues with heat?

As with any electronic device, you should always provide ample clearance around it to ensure proper ventilation. The Apple TV does not generate much heat but other devices around it might. Make sure your Apple TV is placed in an area where airflow is not restricted. tvTray helps this by allowing you to place your Apple TV in locations not normally possible without a mount.

The Apple TV is so small and light, can't I just use Velcro® or double-stick to hold it?

You could, but solutions that utilize adhesive can fail over time when subjected to higher than normal heat or vibration. In addition, high-quality cabling is often heavy and can make it difficult for your Apple TV to sit properly even on a shelf if it is actually heavier than the Apple TV. The tvTray will securely hold your Apple TV— in any location and using any type of cabling.

What is the gap between the tvTray and the mounting surface?

Apple TV can have up to 5 different cables attached to it. The space between the tvTray and mounting surface allows you to route your cables behind the tvTray giving you some degree of cable management. The small hemisphere on the back provides additional support and prevents damage to the tvTray during installation.

Can the tvTray be backlit like the rest of your products?

The piano black acrylic doesn’t transmit light like our clear acrylic products.

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