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Tired of constantly trying to keep your entertainment center clean? H-Squared’s streaming device mounts are built to take the hassle out of managing an entertainment center. Wall mounting your devices behind your television frees up plenty of additional space and allows you to better manage your cables. Don’t have a massive entertainment center? There are plenty of other benefits to mounting your streaming devices with H-Squared. Engineered to protect, our mounts are constructed from high-quality, cold-rolled steel. We also offer secure versions of our wall mounts which include locking, steel enclosures to prevent your devices from being stolen or taking any falls. Compatible with Apple TV 4K and 4th Generation and Roku Ultra 5th Generation, you can confidently mount your streaming devices and get back to watching your favorite move in no time.

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  1. tvTray Secure Wall Mount

    Starting at: $14.99

    tvTray Wall Mount Features

    • Compatible with Apple TV 4K and Apple TV 4th generation devices
    • Open V-shaped design provides complete access to all ports
    • Mounts Apple TV behind television and in any orientation
    • Constructed with durable 16 GA steel and finished with a black powder coat
    • Comes fully assembled and includes all rack mount hardware

    tvTray Security Enclosure for Apple TV

  2. Further secures your device with a barrel locking mechanism and key
  3. Completely locks in Apple TV without obstructing ports
  4. Sleek, black design for subtle mounting of your Apple TV
  5. Cut-outs for cord ports helps prevent tangles and wireless interference
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  • Roku 5 Ultra Mount

    Starting at: $12.99

    Get the Most Out of Your Roku Ultra 5th Generation

    • Compatible with Roku Ultra 5th generation streaming device
    • Mounts to wall, behind television, or any flat surface
    • Constructed from 16 GA steel with black powder coat finish
    • Convenient, easy installation and mounting
    • Includes all rack mount hardware and accessories

    Roku Mount Secure

  • Includes lock and key for complete security
  • Specifically designed for Roku Ultra 5th generation
  • Additional top arm for protection from falls
  • Allows complete access to all ports
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