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Laser Cutting

3D Laser Etching, Engraving, & Cutting

From our very early days, we utilized laser cutters to build our own commercial line of products. These days, we have two 150 watt lasers with tables that are 32" wide by 18" tall. While we mainly cut various plastics, we have worked with a number materials including stone, glass, wood, paper, nylon fabric, etc.
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Laser Engraving

Looking for that carved look but want precision? Our lasers can engrave some of the finest detail down to cuts that are thousands of an inch across. This is an example of bamboo coasters we engraved about 1/6" deep.
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Laser Etching

Have a sign you need cut or etched? We can do it out of a wide variety of materials and colors. Not only can we etch the sign in the color you want, but we can also cut patterns and shapes in the sign as well.
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