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6U Total Space

The MP Rack is designed to utilize the least amount of space in your rack. The shelf itself is only 1U high. When you install the Mac Pro, it becomes a 6U unit due to the Mac Pro's height.
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Cable Management

We include cable management tie downs for you. They're adhesive backed to you can place them where it's most convenient for your needs. There's also an option to install at the rear of the rack.
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Tool-less Installation

The MP rack can be installed in less than 5 minutes with no tools. Each rail securely engages the square hole rack posts and then the shelf is slid into place.
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The passive ventilation system designed into the MP Rack isolates hot and cold sides. Cool air passes through the front of the shelf's air intake into a lower chamber where each Mac Pro's air intake resides. The Mac Pro's own cooling system then passes the hot air out through the top column back into your rack's hot area where it is then vented out.
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If you only have a few Mac Pros to install, you can leave the other openings covered with the supplied caps and use the back area for shelving for your other equipment. Hard drives, routers, whatever you need some shelf space for.
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MP rack: Features at a glance

• Mount from 1-6 Mac Pros per 6U.
• Powder-coated steel slide-out shelf with integrated base
• Left and right snap-in rails
• Integrated airflow ducting for optimal cooling
• All peripheral ports are accessible.
• Tool-less design requires no additional hardware.
**Square hole rack required


• Rear cable tie-down bar
• Round-to-square converter

Size and weight:

• Depth: 24" (69cm)
• Width: 19" (48.2cm)
• Height: 1.7" (4.3cm)
• Weight: 16 lbs (6.8kg)

How does the MP rack insert into a rack?

The MP rack includes 2 rails that are easily installed without tools into any standard 19", 4-post rack. The slide out shelf is then guided onto the rails. The whole process takes about three minutes. Note that a rack with square holes is required and we do offer a conversion kit if you have a round hole rack. Contact us for more information.

What comes with a MP rack?

The MP Rack comes with the pull-out shelf, two rails, and a slide-out shelf that holds up to six Mac Pros (post-December 2013 models). We also include loose adhesive-backed cable tie-downs so you can place the tie down points wherever you require.

Are the MP racks compatible with the previous generation Mac Pro?

The MP rack is designed for the current-generation Mac Pros produced after December 2013. Previous generations are not compatible.

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