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Air Mount for AirPort Extreme & Time Capsule

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Air Mount Express for AirPort Express

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Apple has taken wireless computing to the next level with the 802.11ac AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule. Get the most out of your wireless network by mounting your base station as high as possible with the Air Mount.

The unique shape is designed to securely hold all versions of the new AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule—including the nearly 4 lb, 3TB version. The base utilizes a small frame that holds the base station in place while the power cable locks it down, preventing the AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule from tipping over.
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As with other H-Squared products, we've designed the Air Mount to be sturdy and provide years of service but also also blend in with the decor. Each feature, such as the channel for network and USB cables was carefully considered to maximize usefulness without being obtrusive.
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Heavy Duty Design

Their new design of AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule warranted a complete overhaul of the Air Mount design.

First and foremost, the Air Mount is designed around providing a stable, secure surface for placing your wireless base station in a location that provides optimal wireless performance. The "L" shape can easily hold the 3TB Time Capsule—even at an angle.
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Beating the heat

Heat dissipation and thermal efficiency were other considerations. The Air Mount ensures that air properly flows around and through your AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule.
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Features at a glance:

• Mounts Airport Extreme or Time Capsule vertically.
• Integrated power-cable lock holds base station in place.
• No ports or ventilation blocked.
• Mount using standard holes.
• Maximize your Wi-Fi range by mounting as high as possible.
• Lifetime guarantee

Size and weight:

• Height: 4.25 inches (11 cm)
• Width: 4.2 inches (11 cm)
• Depth: 5.95 inches (15 cm)
• Weight: 6 oz (170g)

*The Air Mount (model HSQ-AIRMOUNT-AC) is hand-made. The product you receive may have slight, cosmetic differences from the images depicted on this website.

How does the Air Mount maximize my wireless range?

Like anything else with an antenna, the higher the antenna, the better the reception. The reason is simple. At higher elevations, there's less objects for the signal to travel through. Since most of the things we use on a regular basis are at a height convenient for us, having your base station at the same height would mean more objects for it to travel through to get to your computer. Each time the signal is degrading along the way which, in turn, affects speed and range. How much is dependent on what the objects are made of. Metals, for instance, have a significant impact on signal degradation- wood and sheetrock, somewhat less. Mounting your Airport Extreme or Time Capsule as high as possible will reduce signal degradation and increase your wireless range.

Do you have mounts for previous generation AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule?

While we still have mounts for the original (non-802.11ac pizza box) , we no longer have inventory of the original Air Mount.

Does the Air Mount have any theft prevention or deterrent?

The Air Mount is intended to be in applications where theft is of little concern. In addition, Apple removed the key-lock slot in the 802.11ac (tower) models of their the AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule. If theft is of concern, we recommend mounting your base station(s) as high as possible thereby making it as difficult as possible for someone to be able to remove it.

Can I/should I mount the AirPort Extreme/Time Capsule on its side?

To get the best possible performance from your AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule (802.11ac models) we highly recommend you keep your base station vertical (Apple logo up). This ensures proper airflow and wireless signal.

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