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MP Rack

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MP Rack

SKU: 112-5355


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  • Tool-less installation
  • Mount from 1-6 Mac Pros per 6U
  • Integrated airflow ducting for optimal cooling
  • Left and right snap-in rails
  • All peripheral ports are accessible
  • Includes adhesive cable tie downs
**Only mounts to racks with square holes


Designed to hold up to six Mac Pros (late 2013 and beyond), the MP Rack is the perfect solution for server farms, render farms, and virtual systems. Its tool-less installation makes getting up and running a snap. The shelf itself takes up only 1U of space and 6U with Mac Pros mounted. The passive ventilation system designed into the MP Rack isolates hot and cold sides. Cool air passes through the front of the shelf's air intake into a lower chamber where each Mac Pro's air intake resides. The Mac Pro's own cooling system then passes the hot air out through the top column back into your rack's hot area where it is then vented out.
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Additional Information

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