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Easy Pay POS System

Easy Pay POS System


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  • Designed for Apple iPad Air 2 and Square Contactless + Chip Reader

  • Steel enclosure adds security

  • Easily secured to countertop

  • Integrated snagless cable routing

  • Easily flips to face customers

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Our Easy Pay POS System is a perfect aftermarket accessory for Square POS kits paired with an iPad Air 2 making it an excellent solution for small businesses and fundraisers. The Easy Pay iPad Mount is designed to securely mount an iPad Air 2 in a steel enclosure to deter theft. It can be secured to flat surfaces such as counter tops and tables. The mount flips the iPad over the to the other side facing the customer so they can authorize payments with their signature. The Easy Pay Mount is a secure aftermarket solution for mounting Square's Contactless + Chip Reader next to an iPad. Like the iPad mount, the Easy Pay Mount easily secures to a counter top or table. Both mounts come integrated with snag-free cable management.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer SKU Easy Pay Mount for Square Contactless + Chip Reader 114-5438
Easy Pay iPad Mount for iPad 2 114-5489

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