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There’s nothing better than being able to mount your Mac mini on the wall, or under a counter, or behind a TV or, well—just about anywhere. The Mini mount does it with style and function all rolled into one. The “barely there” clear cast acrylic envelops the Mac mini while not detracting from the look of the diminutive computer-that-could.

Each Mini mount is hand-crafted to exact standards to ensure a snug fit but with complete access to all ports. In addition, we ensured that the air inlets and exhaust were not blocked. Of course, because the Mini mount is acrylic, not only is it sturdy, it also will not impede Wi-Fi or BlueTooth signals.

With multiple hole patterns on the mount, you can attach the Mini mount to VESA-compliant devices (75 or 100mm), an outlet box, or to H-Squared’s own four-hole center design. If you’ve had a previous generation Mini mount, you can simply unscrew the old mount and screw in the new Mini mount Clear without having to put more holes in the wall or remove any anchors.
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Embedded within the Mini mount clear is a small recess for our optional USB-powered backlight kit. The bright, white LED makes your wall-mounted Mac look great in low-light or dark settings.
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The Mini mount Clear features an excellent way to lock down your Mac mini. The included tubular lock screws into the mount after you’ve inserted the Mac mini using the supplied key making the Mac mini nearly impossible to remove. Each lock is keyed individually but you can contact us for large deployments when you need a single keyed lock.
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Features at a glance

• Clear, cast acrylic securely holds Mac mini in virtually any orientation.
• Included lock deters theft and prevents Mac mini from being removed.
• No ports blocked—even with lock installed.
• Space for cabling routed behind the Mac mini
• No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal loss.
• Comes with necessary mounting hardware.
• Optional USB-powered backlight available.

Size and weight:

• Height: 8 inches (16.5 cm)
• Width: 8.13 inches (16.5cm)
• Depth: 2.13 inches (1.8 cm)
• Weight: 6 oz (170g)
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  1. Mini mount Clear for Mac Mini by H-Squared


    • Lock Included
    • No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal loss
    • No ports, exhausts, or air inlets blocked
    • Mounting hardware included
    • 75mm and 100mm VESA mount
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  2. Mini mount Secure with mac mini

    The small form factor of Apple's Mac mini makes it an excellent office solution, but its small size also makes it vulnerable to theft. Paired with a monitor, the Mini mount Secure by H-Squared provides a cost effective, seamless, and secure solution to mount a mac mini.

    • Solid 16 GA Steel construction
    • Lock Included
    • No ports, exhausts, or air inlets blocked
    • Includes screws and drywall anchors
    • 75mm and 100mm VESA mount
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  3. Mac Mini Quickmount - Side view with Mac Mini installed

    Quickmount for Mac Mini

    SKU: 104-6766


    Out of stock


    Decrease clutter in your work space by mounting your Mac Mini to any wall or behind your monitor

    • V-shaped design allows easy access to all ports
    • Constructed from sturdy 14 GA steel
    • Mounts with ports facing up or down to best meet your cable management needs
    • Mounting hardware included wall mounting or VESA mounting
    • Black, textured powder coat
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