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H-Squared introduces iPod Engraving

December 9th, 2009: H-Squared is pleased to announce we are offering a new services for iPod owners (and future owners)- laser engraving and marketing. The sevice is available, currently by appointment only, can engrave or mark just about any iPod. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Unlike the free engraving provided by Apple, H-Squared's service offers the following features:

  • Marking and engraving of both text and artwork
  • Marking on both the front and back of the iPod
  • Any text, logo, or artwork provided by the customer (subject to copyright restrictions)
  • Choose from stock artwork provided by H-Squared
  • Use your own iPod or purchase new directly from us.
  • Discounts available on engraving mulitple (10+) iPods

The service is $39.95 for any iPod provided by the customer. For iPods sold new through H-Squared, you simply pay the iPod list price plus the $39.95 engraving fee.

Here are some examples of what's possible: