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Announcing the Wiing mount for the Nintendo Wii.

June 2, 2009 - Bellevue, WA: Today, H-Squared announced the Wiing, a mounting kit developed specifically for the Nintendo Wii. The kit includes four pieces, a wall-mount for the main Wii game system that is also backlit by a LED that is powered by the USB port on the rear of the Wii. It also includes a omni-directional mount for the Wii power supply that securely holds the power supply in any orientation. Controller mounts are also included, one each for the Wii remote and Wii nun chuck. Additional controller mounts are available for purchase separately.

Similar to other H-Squared products, the Wiing kit is laser cut and hand-crafted in Washington state to the exact dimensions of the Wii. The main Wii wall mount allows the Wii to be oriented facing either left or right and has a frosted edge that casts a white glow around the Wii when the integrated USB-powered LED backlight is on. The Wii remote controller's mount is constructed using a single-piece design that securely holds the Wii remote. The remote can either be clipped or slid in to the mount. It's base allows the nun chuck controller to remain connected even when mounted. The Wii nun chuck mount, similar to the Wii remote mount, is constructed using a single-piece design but also integrates a cord management coil for wrapping the lengthy cord of the nun chuck when it's not in use. The power supply mount grips the Wii power supply on both sides and can hold the power supply in any orientation (including upside-down) such as behind a flat panel display, under a table or counter top.

The kit is priced at $69.95 and will begin shipping in late June or early July 2009. Pre-orders are available from the H-Squared web store.