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Something is waiting in the Wiings.

We've just published a (highly non-professionally edited) video of a brand new product from H-Squared. It's called the Wiing and it's something totally different for us. It's a mount developed for the Nintendo Wii and it's other "parts" such as the power supply, the Wii remote, and the nun chuck. We're so excited about this product that we decided to post a sneak peek of the mount so you can see how fun it is.

Our thinking behind a wall mount for the Wii was fairly simple. We wanted to get the Wii in a more convenient location (near the TV), get the power supply hidden (behind the TV, under a table, behind an entertainment center, you name it), and organize the controllers when they're not in use. The Wiing does it all and, in typical H-Squared fashion, does it with style. Of course, you don't have to put your Wii or controllers in the same place we do. You might want to, for instance, place your Wii on the side of your coffee table or someplace that's easier for you. They beauty of our system is that each Wii component has its own separate mount so you can put them just about anywhere you want.

The video is now available on our YouTube channel. Pricing and availability will be announced within the week. In the mean time, feel free to share this video.

Follow H-Squared on Twitter

Twitter is all the rage these days. Now, we consider ourselves fairly technically-savvy but Twitter is something that we just haven't, as a company, ever considered as a way to communicate with our customers. Well, today that all changes.

H-Squared is now on Twitter and you can follow our updates as we work to build the best digital lifestyle products for you. If you're a Twitter user, you can follow us. Our name is hsqllc. If you're not, sign up and get the latest updates from us.

You may even find coupon codes in there from time to time. :)

New YouTube "How to" Install Videos Available

One of the more common requests we receive is for guidance on how to install our products. While we include installation guides in every box, sometimes a moving picture works better than a static sheet of paper. That's why we're pleased to announce the first set of installation videos have just been released on our new YouTube channel. The initial series covers the Mini mount, Air Mount, Air Mount TC, AirPort Extreme power supply mount, and Mac mini power supply mount. We will constantly be updating this channel with additional material as we have the opportunity.

We selected YouTube because of the fact that we can always be sure our videos are accessible around the world by as many devices and to as many people as possible at one time. You can now take your iPhone or iPod Touch to where you plan to install your H-Squared product and see right there how to do it. No need to sit by the computer, watch, and then go try to do the install- all the while trying to remember what you watched. All of the current videos are less than one minute so it won't take much of your time.

Please leave comments using YouTube's comment feature. That'll help us improve the videos in the future to ensure we're always producing what you want.