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Air Mount TC for Time Capsule: Now Shipping

March 20, 2008 - Bellevue, WA: We're pleased to announce that the Air Mount TC's have begun to ship with some having already reached our customers. As we ramp up production of the Air Mount TC, our distributors will be taking on stock as well. Customers outside of the US waiting to pick up an Air Mount TC shouldn't have to wait too much longer to be able to order theirs. The Air Mount TC retails for 39.95 from the H-Squared web store.

New Airport Extreme Power Supply Mount and revised Mac mini Power Supply Mount now shipping

March 20, 2008 - Bellevue, WA: H-Squared recently released two new cutting-edge designs for the Mac mini power supply and the Airport Extreme power supply. These low-profile mounts can securely mount either power supply on virtually any surface in any orientation. The unique c-bracket grips the power supplies from the mounting surface rather than the traditional U-brackets that are common for this type of application. The mounts work by using the actual power cables coming in and out of the power supplies as the method to secure the power supply to the mounting bracket. The Mac mini power supply mount and Airport Extreme power supply mount are 5.99 and 4.99 respectively and are available for purchase now from the H-Squared web store or from our resellers.

Air Mount TC launches

The Air Mount TC is here! Designed around the same principals of the original Air Mount, the Air Mount TC is custom designed for Apple's Time Capsule. Like the Air Mount, the Air Mount TC can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The streamlined design is low-profile, yet strong enough to securely hold Time Capsule. Check out the product pages to learn more!

Time Capsule will begin shipping within one week.

Time Capsule Mounting: UPDATE

We now have our Time Capsules in hand and will be working diligently to design a proper mount for it. As soon as we have something viable, we'll let everyone know. Here's a few notes so far:
1. There is no external power brick. There's just a power cable that's about 6.5 ft (~2M) long. This means that, for mounting, it can't go too high without using some sort of extension cord.
2. Time Capsule has the same dimensions as Apple TV. Our tvTray works beautifully with it nearly as-is, but it would only work in a vertical mounting application.
3. Time Capsule is much heavier than Airport Extreme. As such, any horizontal mounting will require extra support.

Other than that, we haven't even fired the ones we have up yet. Those of you waiting, the good news is that we now have something to measure against. Just give us a little time to confirm that everything works as advertised and we'll get a product to you ASAP.