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Mounting Time Capsule

We've received several...no...many...no...an insane number of queries about mounting the upcoming Time Capsule. The first question is "Will the Air Mount hold Time Capsule?". Unfortunately, the answer is no. Time Capsule is a full 1.2 inches (that's a little over 30 mm for you metric folks) larger than the Airport Extreme. While we're actively working on a solution, we have yet to see, touch, smell, or get anything from Apple to aide in our quest to develop the perfect mount for you.

The other question that we often ask ourselves is "Will it be OK? What about those hard drives?". Time Capsule is both larger and heavier than it's non-hard drive-equipped counterpart. There's also the issue of heat dissipation that we have to consider. With Air Mount, the solution was rather straightforward. For Time Capsule, a few additional- yet critical- questions come into play. Since Time Capsule will function as backup storage for many people, the absolute last thing we want is for our products to contribute- in any way- to the early demise of those integrated hard drives.

The good news is that we're on it. The bad news is that you'll have to wait a tad longer. www.h-sq.co,

So. Hang tough. If there's a solution, we'll come up with it- and quick. Stay tuned and subscribe to our RSS feed to get the latest news from H-Squared.

2-25-08 UPDATE: From what we can tell, Time Capsule is set to ship very soon. Possibly this week. We'll keep a sharp eye out one of our 4 local Apple Stores and provide any additional updates that we may have when we have something to report.

2-29-08 UPDATE: We now have our Time Capsules in hand and will be working diligently to design a proper mount for it. As soon as we have something viable, we'll let everyone know. Here's a few notes so far:
1. There is no external power brick. There's just a power cable that's about 6.5 ft (~2M) long. This means that, for mounting, it can't go too high without using some sort of extension cord.
2. Time Capsule has the same dimensions as Apple TV. Our tvTray works beautifully with it nearly as-is, but it would only work in a vertical mounting application.
3. Time Capsule is much heavier than Airport Extreme. As such, any horizontal mounting will require extra support.

Other than that, we haven't even fired the ones we have up yet. Those of you waiting, the good news is that we now have something to measure against. Just give us a little time to confirm that everything works as advertised and we'll get a product to you ASAP.

iLumi debuts at Macworld

January 15, 2008. San Francisco, California. H-Squared introduced iLumi, an interactive lighting system designed for the Mac and PC. The USB-powered 3-LED system communicates with the user via color and intensity. While still under development, the current design can function as a iTunes visualizer, interact with the Growl notification system, and is compatible with Applescript for total customization.

iLumi works by responding to system commands for color and/or intensity changes. Each of the three LEDs can be independently controlled through a GUI interface, Growl notifications, and even Applescript. The system becomes most useful when it is tailored to the user's needs. Such as displaying the weather forecast, stock prices, new message notifications, or anything where color can convey information.

iLumi will ship in the summer of 2008. Pricing and final specifications have not yet been finalized and will be announced at a later date.

H-Squared brings on PWI AB as a Scandinavian distributor

February 11, 2008. Bellevue, Washington. H-Squared recently signed on PWI AB as a distributor for the Scandinavian region. In Western Europe, this region represents a significant portion of our customer base. Customers and resellers wishing to purchase H-Squared products who reside in this region should contact PWI AB for inventory and pricing information.