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H-Squared introduces iPod Engraving

December 9th, 2009: H-Squared is pleased to announce we are offering a new services for iPod owners (and future owners)- laser engraving and marketing. The sevice is available, currently by appointment only, can engrave or mark just about any iPod. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Unlike the free engraving provided by Apple, H-Squared's service offers the following features:

  • Marking and engraving of both text and artwork
  • Marking on both the front and back of the iPod
  • Any text, logo, or artwork provided by the customer (subject to copyright restrictions)
  • Choose from stock artwork provided by H-Squared
  • Use your own iPod or purchase new directly from us.
  • Discounts available on engraving mulitple (10+) iPods

The service is $39.95 for any iPod provided by the customer. For iPods sold new through H-Squared, you simply pay the iPod list price plus the $39.95 engraving fee.

Here are some examples of what's possible:

Something is waiting in the Wiings.

We've just published a (highly non-professionally edited) video of a brand new product from H-Squared. It's called the Wiing and it's something totally different for us. It's a mount developed for the Nintendo Wii and it's other "parts" such as the power supply, the Wii remote, and the nun chuck. We're so excited about this product that we decided to post a sneak peek of the mount so you can see how fun it is.

Our thinking behind a wall mount for the Wii was fairly simple. We wanted to get the Wii in a more convenient location (near the TV), get the power supply hidden (behind the TV, under a table, behind an entertainment center, you name it), and organize the controllers when they're not in use. The Wiing does it all and, in typical H-Squared fashion, does it with style. Of course, you don't have to put your Wii or controllers in the same place we do. You might want to, for instance, place your Wii on the side of your coffee table or someplace that's easier for you. They beauty of our system is that each Wii component has its own separate mount so you can put them just about anywhere you want.

The video is now available on our YouTube channel. Pricing and availability will be announced within the week. In the mean time, feel free to share this video.

New YouTube "How to" Install Videos Available

One of the more common requests we receive is for guidance on how to install our products. While we include installation guides in every box, sometimes a moving picture works better than a static sheet of paper. That's why we're pleased to announce the first set of installation videos have just been released on our new YouTube channel. The initial series covers the Mini mount, Air Mount, Air Mount TC, AirPort Extreme power supply mount, and Mac mini power supply mount. We will constantly be updating this channel with additional material as we have the opportunity.

We selected YouTube because of the fact that we can always be sure our videos are accessible around the world by as many devices and to as many people as possible at one time. You can now take your iPhone or iPod Touch to where you plan to install your H-Squared product and see right there how to do it. No need to sit by the computer, watch, and then go try to do the install- all the while trying to remember what you watched. All of the current videos are less than one minute so it won't take much of your time.

Please leave comments using YouTube's comment feature. That'll help us improve the videos in the future to ensure we're always producing what you want.

The new tvTray - Now Shipping

January 19, 2009 - Bellevue, WA: H-Squared previewed the new tvTray at Macworld in San Francisco. The revised mount for the Apple TV now includes the USB backlight as a standard feature. The mount now also has a hand-sanded frosted edge that, when illuminated, casts a soft glow around the perimeter of the mount. This gives the effect of the Apple TV glowing from behind.

The new tvTray has a limited-time introductory price of $44.95 and is available now. After January 25th, 2009, the price will return to it's normal list price of $49.95.

H-Squared at MacWorld 2009!

December 30, 2008 - Bellevue, WA: We’re pleased to announce that we’ll again be showing at MacWorld 2009 in San Francisco. As with last year, we’ll be partnering up with our primary distributor, Dr. Bott, but this time we’re doubling the size of our exhibit.

Stop by booth #1912 in the South Hall of Moscone Center and see what’s new with H-Squared! We’ll have some give aways for those folks that do stop by so make sure to include us on your “must see” list!

For those that can’t attend, we’ll make it a point to post news when we can about what’s happened at the show and what new products of ours you can get your hands on.

Air Mount TC for Time Capsule: Now Shipping

March 20, 2008 - Bellevue, WA: We're pleased to announce that the Air Mount TC's have begun to ship with some having already reached our customers. As we ramp up production of the Air Mount TC, our distributors will be taking on stock as well. Customers outside of the US waiting to pick up an Air Mount TC shouldn't have to wait too much longer to be able to order theirs. The Air Mount TC retails for 39.95 from the H-Squared web store.

New Airport Extreme Power Supply Mount and revised Mac mini Power Supply Mount now shipping

March 20, 2008 - Bellevue, WA: H-Squared recently released two new cutting-edge designs for the Mac mini power supply and the Airport Extreme power supply. These low-profile mounts can securely mount either power supply on virtually any surface in any orientation. The unique c-bracket grips the power supplies from the mounting surface rather than the traditional U-brackets that are common for this type of application. The mounts work by using the actual power cables coming in and out of the power supplies as the method to secure the power supply to the mounting bracket. The Mac mini power supply mount and Airport Extreme power supply mount are 5.99 and 4.99 respectively and are available for purchase now from the H-Squared web store or from our resellers.

Air Mount TC launches

The Air Mount TC is here! Designed around the same principals of the original Air Mount, the Air Mount TC is custom designed for Apple's Time Capsule. Like the Air Mount, the Air Mount TC can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The streamlined design is low-profile, yet strong enough to securely hold Time Capsule. Check out the product pages to learn more!

Time Capsule will begin shipping within one week.

H-Squared brings on PWI AB as a Scandinavian distributor

February 11, 2008. Bellevue, Washington. H-Squared recently signed on PWI AB as a distributor for the Scandinavian region. In Western Europe, this region represents a significant portion of our customer base. Customers and resellers wishing to purchase H-Squared products who reside in this region should contact PWI AB for inventory and pricing information.

Retrofit backlight kit now available

We're proud to announce that the Backlight Kits are now available for customers who may have purchased our mounts in the past but didn't also select the optional kit. The price remains the same as it were purchased originally with the mount. Visit the product page on the online store to learn more.

The tvTray has arrived

We're excited to roll out our latest and greatest product for the Apple community- the tvTray! The tvTray, available in either a wall or shelf-mount configuration allows you to place your Apple TV virtually anywhere you may need it. As with our Air Mount and Mini mount products, it includes mounting holes for mounting into virtually any surface as well as VESA 75/100 holes for placing the Apple TV on the backs of flat panel displays with the same mounting configuration.

The innovative design of the tvTray makes it's profile as low as possible while still providing maximum support for the Apple TV. Utilizing a small keyhole lock design, once the power cord is inserted into the Apple TV, it is also locked into the mount. None of the ports are blocked, the warm top of the Apple TV is not covered at all meaning you not only have maximum heat dissipation potential but also free and clear access to the WiFi signals that you may be utilizing to stream content down to the Apple TV.

The shelf version provides a bit of extra support on the front end of the mount so that you can turn your Apple TV upside down and mount it underneath a entertainment center shelf or just about any horizontal surface. Once again, heat can be dissipated and WiFi signal maximized with this design. Choose the right one for your needs.

As with all H-Squared products, we provide the necessary mounting screws to mount to the most common surfaces. An optional VESA mounting kit consisting of four M4 screws is also available for purchase separately. The tvTray is 29.99 in either version and is available immediately for order.

A slew of new improved products

We've been busy here at H-Squared. (hence the lack of news- sorry!)

Today, we're announcing two new products and an update to our Mini mount. We're excited about these new products as they round out our line of mounts for Apple products. In short, here they are:

-Air mount: Got a new Airport Extreme base station? Great! Now, where do you put it? Easy! With the new Air Mount, you can mount your Airport Extreme base station just about anywhere. Not only does it look good, but it also maximizes your base station's range and speed by getting it up off of your desk!

-Mini Shelf: We've built upon the previous generation Mini mount Shelf to bring you a new design that not only allows you to mount your Mac mini under a shelf, but now we've added a new security bar to the back that can be locked in place so your Mac mini can't be removed easily. This new design is also stackable. If you have hard drives, a new Airport Extreme base station, or peripherals that need to sit alongside your Mac mini, just attach another Mini Shelf to the bottom. Use the new Mini Shelf in any horizontal mounting application where you need to make sure that the Mac mini stays put.

-Mini mount: This revised design uses a new stop design at the bottom that holds your Mac mini better as well as an integrated VESA-compliant screw-hole configuration. What's more, the new stop is completely hidden when you insert the Mac mini into the mount.

All of our mounts are now laser cut and then hand-shaped to the exact dimensions of the products they hold. We've achieved a level of precision and consistency like never before!

2007 is off to a great start. Thank you to all of our existing customers for buying our products. Your business allows us to build more products that you want.

The new Mini mount

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